Cloud ALPR Demo (temporarily disabled; contact us)

This is a limited functionality demo, therefore only one result will be returned, even though the system can detect multiple license plates in a single image. Candidates returned are not shown, just one of the results without filtering by country license plate template. By uploading an image, you accept our privacy terms and the following statements: you can only upload images you own of assets that belong to you, we do not store the images you upload, we do not store the results returned and we only process them to provide the result back to your browser with the general purpose of a commercial demo of the functionality.


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Our Whipsys Cloud ALPR product consists of an accurate license plate recognition system on which Whipsys Spotter works. It has the ability to perform detection and recognition with cameras in forced positions, at angles that present difficulty. We have decided to incorporate this ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognizer) based on powerful OCR software as a standalone product into our product portfolio, so that it can be incorporated into your systems with simple API calls to our machines. To demonstrate the difference in quality of our results, far superior to the competition, we present on this page an access to a limited demo that supports this claim. If you already know other basic products, you will be surprised by the accuracy.


Our clients can identify license plates in images without the need to install their own system, simply by sending the image as a form / curl (in a properly secured manner) to our server for processing.

Our differentiation is in the accuracy department, well above other competitors.

If you only need the license plate result, count on it. However, we are integrators, so we can develop additional software to meet your needs, create automated reports, or adapt our API to your systems.

We encourage you to try the demo. For the rest, count on any integration you need.


  • Up to 500 000 images per month
  • Up to 12 images per minute
  • Up to 3mb per image of 1024×768
  • Dedicated AWS EC2 instance
  • Setup included


  • Tailor made set up
  • Dedicated AWS EC2 instances
  • Monthly billing
  • Without obligations

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