Indoor Positioning System



Outdoor location with satellite (GPS) has been present in every industry for years, and the profitability of its employment is proven. When the satellite signal is not available because the tracking needs to take place under a roof, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) are required. Until now, solutions that make use of other systems repurposed for this task (WiFi or Bluetooth for instance) have not been resilient and successful. Now, with UltraWideBand (UWB) radio triangulation technology we can improve on that: finally, a robust and accurate Indoor Positioning System is available.

The best UltraWideBand hardware (UWB)

We work together with a top tier UWB modules manufacturer and firmware developer. We have access to the latest versions and we can develop customized functions for your applications. Radio triangulation is the accurate way to go.

100 cm

The best Indoor Positioning (IPS) Software

Our in-house developed architecture, centralized hub and user interface is designed to be fully integrated with the hardware and fully focused on the end user needs, so we can make it grow as we implement new requirements.

Why Indoor Location? : Use cases

Malls & trade marketing

Movement patterns of customers inside malls can be observed by placing tags in shopping carts or any form of device assignation.

Warehouse OPS

Operational bottlenecks discovery and pathway optimization can be achieved with location analysis of workers, robots and vehicles.

Sports Performance

High performance team sports players can be tracked in the field with a high accuracy, in order to analyze movement patterns, speeds, area coverage or new tactics.


High value asset tracking, vehicle organization, response speed, area coverage of each agent. Operations can be monitored and optimized, and geofences can keep a 24-7 surveillance.

Other industries

Any industry that needs to accurately locate assets in production centers: drones, robots, vans, wagons of mines, transport equipment, mobile refining tanks, hospitals, circuits, filming ...

What is WHIPSYS? Technical description

Our IPS product is an integrated Indoor Positioning System with seamless interconnection between its components built by our partners and us, starting from the hardware and firmware, to the network transport architecture, and finally to the storage, user interface and analytics. We can make it grow according to new needs discovered in the market, and incorporate new functions at any level, from firmware to mobile app.

Heatmap: Indoor pathways bottleneck optimization

The deployment is quite simple: install the radio base stations, plug them, hook some to the wifi and make a simple calibration measuring distances on a facility blueprint. Data should start flowing to the console right away. The only design requirement is that every tag needs to see always at least 4 base stations at an ideal maximum distance of 20 metres. It can be configured with an Android app, or we can send it to you preconfigured.

Our base stations are inexpensive as well as the tags, and their accuracy can reach 10 cm of error. The tags also broadcast as bluetooth beacon, which allows many uses such as automatic association to other devices. The system can be used with fast moving objects, as its refresh rate allows a wide range of applications. We are currently developing a tag with long battery life, with 1 year of continuous use as target.

IPS UWB base stations & tags
IoT MQTT protocol architecture

A deployed system generates an enormous amount of data. In order to avoid saturating the data network, we use a lightweight communications protocol: MQTT. We can centralize the data flow in a cloud server, or configure it to use your own broker if you have policies over your data. Anyway, this protocol makes the system robust and fault tolerant, and allows for any customization you may require now or in the future. We can also integrate Indoor location data with Outdoor location providers, or embed location information on  third party systems.

Finally, the data collected needs to become a decision support report for the executives in charge of the operation, therefore we put in place a report server in order to create customized output, be it detailed records or executive summarized information. For this task, the reporting system needs to be very flexible, capable of dealing with huge amounts of data and well integrated with the database, which is permanently registering incoming information from every tag. We can work with you in a report design, and build the whole system around it, if it is critical to your operations.

Report server for IPS recorded data

GPS vs IPS? ... GPS + IPS!

Thanks to our multi-vendor integration capability and the deep control we have over the software, we can offer a user experience transparent to the different technologies employed, and blur the transition between outdoor and indoor positioning, so all trips are recorded and managed in a single point.

Our work as a technology integrator allows us to obtain data from other platforms and merge them with Whipsys. We work with partners dedicated to location services for fleets whose systems allow us to jump transparently from GPS units embedded in vehicles to portable IPS units.

Of course, we have web and app viewers integrating both GPS and IPS sources, so that the tracking is in real time, with continuity and from anywhere. These viewers can feed on data from our servers or from the intranet, so that the security is complete, such as your peace of mind.