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We are not only present in the logistics industry through Whipsys (WareHouse Indoor Positioning SYStem), but also in the primary sector through our AgroLoc brand (, focused on providing IT services to the agribusiness. For AgroLoc, we have developed a cattle locator, a highly specialized product tailor-made to maximize battery life and equipment simplicity. It is a GPS that must work unattended for at least 6 months, so it is critical that it is robust and performs just a small amount of transmissions in order to save energy. We are sharing this development with our WhipSys brand in order to cover a need in the logistics industry: to track valuable assets that do not have a power source and therefore must be based on a good design with a large battery.


It seems like the simplest of devices: a gps that emits every X time. It should be, but by delving into this specification, shortcomings soon emerge in our competitors: the battery doesn’t have the required quality, the board fails after the first week, consumption shoots up for no apparent reason, the SIM doesn’t connect to the available antenna , the operator has pressed the wrong button, the platform does not register or just goes down … Many small factors that complicate something simple. We have eliminated all possible complications and failures to do only one thing, but do it well. And, also, at the best price: we know that we are the most competitive, and if any of our competitors tries to sell you the same product cheaper … be cautious.

As for the software, the client already has the web platform and the mobile app at his disposal to use from the first day. Apart from this, we are integrators and we have access to the API of the platform, so we can make custom developments of new functionalities or integrations with client CRM / ERP. If you need to have your own container tracking software with certain specific capabilities dictated by your own experience and know-how, we can develop it for you.

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